Ketunpolku 5 G – I, Palokangas



Palokangas city district is located about 1,5 km from the Kajaani center towards Sotkamo.

Ketunpolku apartments are located at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Campus area.

Sotkamontie 11 apartments are located at the Kainuu Central Hospital area.


There is a a store, school and daycare center nearby. The Vimpeli Sports Center is in the immediate approximity.

Ketunpolku 5 G – I

General Information

There is a 2-storey-block of flats that will hold 12 4-room-shared flats.

Cell apartments is one of kitchenette cells and three normal cell housing. Kitchenette cell rent 310 € / month and a normal cell rented 290 € / month. Electricity and water includes.

Each cell room has its own ice box. Cells do not have furniture.

Ketunpolku area's laundary facility is at this property, in I-stair. Washing machines work by phone (fee about 2 €/wash).

here is a bicycle storage in a separate building, access with your own key.

Parking lot 5 €/month, reservations from our office.

Janitor of the property

Riitta Heikkinen, tel. 050 568 1200