Asemakatu 2, Keskusta

Asemakatu 2

General information

There is a 4-storeyed block of flats with an elevator and 1-room-flats in sizes 23 - 30 m2, 2-room-flats in sizes 43,5 - 47,5 m2 and 4 3-room-flats of 55,5 m2 at the property. Some of the flats of sizes 47,5 m2 and 55,5 m2 have glasswalled balconies.

The water is included in the rent but there has to be a separate agreement made with the electricity supplier.

There are 16 storage units that can be rented if desired at the cellar.

There is Kainuu Vocational College (Kainuun Ammattiopisto) and Luovi Vocational Institute (Ammattiopisto Luovi) operating at the property.

Janitor at the property

Petri Komulainen, p. 040 533 5984